Hopi Ear candles are an ancient and natrual therapy handed down by many civilisations, most notably the native american shaman healers. It is from this part of the world that the oldest tribe of pueblo people, with their great medicinal knowledge and spirituality give their name to the candles we call Hopi. Only natural ingredients are used in the hollow hopi ear candles and they include 100% pure beeswax, cotton flax, honey extracts, sage, st john’s wort, chamomile and vitamin A. The natural ingredients have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent properties in them to relax the nervous system, reduce inflamation, reduce mucus secretions and fight infections.

Zdrowe zatoki, Gabinet medycyny naturalnej

How the Hopi Ear Candles Work

Firstly the hopi ear candle is lit and gently placed within the outer ear. The natural ingredients, which are inpregnated into the cotton, vaporise and are drawn down the hollow centre of the candle into the outer portion of the ear by a long estabilished ‘chimney’ (heated, air current flow) principle. The heat of the released, circulated vapours travel inside the ear gently massaging the ear drum. This action helps to regulate the pressure systems within the head including the sinuses, which may be infected. Any build up or blockages within the ear or sinuses are gently loosend up and broken down, passing out through the lymphatics and the body naturally. The treatment is followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage, including lymphatic drainage to the face and sinuses, encouraging the flow and movement through the lymphatics, finishing with a relaxing scalp massage. Sweet Nature uses BioSun Hopi Ear Candles which are of premium quality and the only type of ear candle to have a diagnostic processs within them that the therapist can diagnose and gage progress of the treatment.
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Hopi Ear Candles can be of specefic help to:

Excessive or compacted ear wax



Mucus build up

Allergic rhinitis

Glue ear


Headaches and Migranes

Noises in the ear and tinnitus



Bells palsy

Swimmers ear, Surfers ear, Divers ear

Flying problems and pressure regulation


Enhance smell, taste, hearing

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Hopi ear candle treatment with lymph facial and neck, shoulder and scalp massage £45

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