I do a lot of weights and working out down the gym. My back was very tight and stiff and I was in a lot of pain. Since having deep tissue massages with Carol, I have a lot more mobility and flexibility. My pain has totally gone and I have so much more energy. I would definitely recommend Carol to anyone with postural problems caused by tension as the advice she also gives for after care between treatments really works and I was amazed at the strength and pressure Carol was able to apply to work out all my knots so quickly!

Aires Sousa

Broughton, Milton Keynes

I would just like to thank you for the treatment today and although not perfect yet I must say it’s the 1st time in many weeks I could sit in the evening without any discomfort!

After just one visit I felt considerable relief after putting up with the pain for months. I have much more mobility in my shoulder and feel lifted as I got quite depressed about it since Christmas. I wish I came sooner. Thank you.

Steve Aitkinson

Simpson Village, Milton Keynes

I was told that I would have to learn to live with the severe pain in my neck and shoulders but all that changed after my first treatment with Carol. She is one of the best therapists I have ever been to and her deep tissue massage technique is exceptional, specifically working on the problematic areas. The effect on my neck and sholders was instantaneous and I cannot thank Carol enough for the relief of not being in constat pain. She is very professional, instantly puts you at ease and so easy to talk to. She is always calm and gives excellent guidance making the whole experience a real pleasure.


Milton Keynes

In just three sessions of deep tissue massage with Carol my pain and tensions in my back and neck have completely stopped and soothed out. The additional exercises Carol recommended helped me considerably. This is incredible considering the amount of tension I was holding. Carol also helped me find balance in my life through our Reiki sessions enabling me to move forward with a lot of area’s in my life that were blocked. I’m so glad I’ve found such a fantastic practitioner in MK.

Hollie Wilkins

Bletchley, Milton Keynes

Carol has been treating me with massage and reiki for almost 2 years and I feel much more energetic and have been able to get out again after my hospitalisation.


Pennylands, Milton Keynes

Carol’s calm and reassuring personality adds to the therapeutic effect of the massage treatments.


Pennylands, Milton Keynes

I have been having regular weekly treatments with Carol for over a year now. Being a manager and spending long periods of time sat at the computer my shoulders are tight and knotted. After a long hard week at work it’s great to relax and de-stress at Sweet Nature. Carol always finds the right places to press and release the tension, always ending the treatment with a scalp massage which is bliss. Would highly recommend Carol to anyone.

Linda Small

Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes

My recent massage at Sweet Nature was a wonderful experience. The heat from the stones, plus the deeper pressure Carol was able to apply helped soothe out my knots and tension. I felt relaxed for day’s afterwards and will definitely have this again.


Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes

My hot stone massage with Carol was my first and certainly won’t be my last. It was simply wonderful, really relaxing and luxurious.


Wavendon Gate, Milton Keynes

I am seeing Carol for my back ache, where she is doing deep tissue massage. After the first treatment I noted marked improvement. After a few more sessions my back felt a lot stronger and in less discomfort.

Carol’s healing hands definitely worked on back. The other one thing I would mention is that the overall experience was fantastic, from advice given when booking appointments to the actual therapy with care and attention given with discussing the benefits of what I was having and the alternatives available. I also noted that I have felt much better overall, feeling uplifted and more positive and will go back for as long as I can, as my feeling benefits the whole body. I can’t recommend Carol highly enough to anyone seriously thinking about alternative therapies, as they work!!!

Pavan Kumar

Stanmore, Middlesex

I had been experiencing some problems with pain and loss of movement in my arms for some time and had been to a Chiropractor for various treatments which didn’t seem to help. I came across Sweet Nature by searching the internet so I thought I would give them a try. When I met Carol she was very professional and guided me to the best treatment to help my problems.

Carol then systematically worked on the problem areas which were very painful at first, but I could quickly feel that the treatments where starting to work. With a regular course of treatments I have regained almost total movement in my arms and it has made a big difference to my life. I can’t thank Carol enough for her help and advice and would recommend her services to anyone.

Peter Barnett

Milton Keynes

I came to Carol for a course of lymphatic drainage massages as part of my efforts of getting my health back after having been through “traditional doctors” and tremendous stress at work.

Friendly environment and positive atmosphere put me immediately at ease. Honestly, I had not expect to see any measurable results after the very first treatment, but I actually felt the effect during my second session – flow of lymph, energy. I also discovered that my ever-freezing hands were warm after only my second session! 
After this massage with Carol I feel so relaxed and peaceful!

I would highly recommend Carol to anybody. She is a true professional, and can help identifying and implementing the most suitable treatments individually, which is great if you like me don’t know much about the different techniques.

Eugenia Lampard

Conniburrow, Milton Keynes

I was a sceptic before having a reiki treatment with Carol, but the heat and energy I received was incredibly therapeutic and helped me immensely with the pain and discomfort I was experiencing.


Wavendon Gate, Milton Keynes