Power Hour Reading with Alana... for stress and anxiety

What are you not seeing?


In my Power Hour readings I help you to see what’s is blocking you from moving forward and keeping you stuck in cycles of self-sabotage. By listening to your language and tuning into your energy, I intuitively illuminate truth for you to witness that helps release disempowering beliefs and behaviours held within your subconscious. This acts as a catalyst for personal transformation which brings clarity as it cuts through the confusion and helps you see through the illusion of what has been holding you back and stuck in the past, bringing you into alignment with your own truth.


The information given is clear and concise and as my energy is direct it acts like a laser to get to the root cause. I have the ability to bottom line complicated information and put it into digestible, understandable terms that makes sense! In my sessions I make connections others do not see which helps the guidance land and resonate on a deep level that creates instant shifts.


I always say that if we “do what we’ve always done, we get what we’ve always got” – and coming out of our comfort zone is uncomfortable! Our survival brain will always kick in as it’s job is to keep us safe and doing what we’ve always done is safe, however it keeps us stuck in our patterns based on faulty programming that created coping mechanisms and we will get what we’ve always got!


New positive choices become available as I unravel your limiting beliefs and bring them into your conscious awareness to be witnessed. This empowers you to make different decisions and actions that brings about a new outcome which breaks cycles.  I channel information from your higher self and as the sessions are intuitively led, it makes it unique to you and your soul as my Power Hour’s do not follow a formula. I can very quickly work out what is going on for you and what action you need to take to move forward.


This is for you if:

You are feeling stuck in the past and unable to move forward.

You have fears for the future and are constantly in your head with negative thoughts you can’t switch off.

There is a lack of clarity and feeling of frustration because you are not fulfilling your potential.

You are feeling powerless to change and stress and anxiety is holding you back.

There is a sense of disconnection in your life and your relationships are unfulfilling.

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The Power Hour Session will help you to:

Bring clarity to what is creating blocks to you moving forward.

Illuminate the root of your negative subconscious programming

Free your mind from toxic thoughts that keep you in a mental prison.

Bring focus to how this programming is creating challenges for you by triggering a stress response within you creating self-sabotage.

Provide you with 1 -2 action steps and transformational tools to help you manage your stress, bring more balance into your life and create positive change.

When you have a Power Hour reading you will receive a private 1-1 consultation either at my practice in Bradville, Milton Keynes or via Zoom. All information and guidance brought through is confidential and remains private.

Price - Power Hour - £60  

Price - Power Hour (90mins) to incl 30min Reiki  £90  


Please book below by selecting Power Hour and select in clinic or via zoom.

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